The character Mr. Sans is an abstract representation of Sans from the video game Undertale. The character has had two designs over the course of the story. His first appearance, as seen in the video The Location of Pokemon Sun and Moon, sees Sans as a combination of Sans and Mr. Mime from the Pokemon series. This is presumably where Sans got the prefix of Mr, but it may also be due to the fact that he is the oldest member of the cast. In every subsequent video Sans is portrayed by Ryan MeCey, the creator of the series. In this iteration Sans is seen to be a wimpy, male, adolescent adorning a paper mask of Sans. This holds deeper symbolic meaning, but all you need to take away from this now is that this is the beginning of the Freddy Fish arc of the story. Sans is the main character of the story, and has appeared in every episode excluding Freddy Fish Food Review | Sans Up.

Sans first form
Sans 2nd

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